November 14, 2016

If you have read me in the past, you might already know that I am always looking for innovations. The Aftershokz Trekz Titanium got my attention. I think this is one of the most flexible designs that I have tried out. It is perfect for the city: never get run over by a car walking, cycling or running ever again. At the gym: you can either stay available to talk to other people or completely shut down from the world around you. Design and fashion lovers: let’s be honest, this design makes you look more athletic right away.

Raising awareness about the lack of accessibility around us has been huge in my life for the past few years. When I heard about the brand’s commitment to contribute to improve accessibility for blind users and people living with hearing loss, I had to know more about what this was all about.

Flexibility –  Increasing Accessibility enhances lives

Bone Conductor


Using a bone conduction technology, the Aftershokz Trekz Titanium is more comfortable than other in-ear headphones. It is the same technology that Google uses for their optical-display, head-mounted Glass computer. The sound is transmitted by sending sound waves through pads placed on your cheekbones which stimulates your inner-ear by vibrating your bones rather than your eardrums and avoids shutting you off from the outside world.


With the earplugs on

Wireless – Bluetooth – 6-hour Battery Life – Micro-USB Charge


Without the earplugs

How to wear it: option 2

If like me you like to be “in your bubble” at the gym, you can wear the ear plugs provided in the kit to completely shut down the noise around you. This headphone is the kind of accessory that puts you “in the zone” right away and motivated to work out.


Wearing the ear plugs

Battery Life

I have used it for approximately 6/7 hours continuously which is, I think, pretty great due to the fact that the headphones are extra light. Other headphones might last longer but they are also much heavier. The battery is charged using a micro-USB cable.


Britt Fill & Go, Aftershockz, Angell Sports


I connected the headphones with my phone and could even receive calls. I don’t know why but for some reason I assumed I couldn’t use it for phone calls but I was wrong! It works really well. I am a professional multitasker and I love the fact that I can be on the phone without losing awareness of what is going on around me.


iPhone 6S styled with the Foxwood UK leather phone case – synced with the Aftershokz Trekz Titanium

Sweat proof and Water resistant

The headphones are sweat proof and didn’t bother me at all while exercising. I completely forgot I had them on. They are also water resistant (not waterproof), which means you don’t risk anything if you are sweating but you don’t want to jump in the pool with them!!



Flexibility –  Increasing Accessibility enhances lives

AfterShokz bone conduction headphones provide a safe listening experience to blind users through the open ear design. Listening to directional cues through headphones while hearing ambient noise is providing blind customers a more comfortable experience, and increasing independent mobility.”
Here are some touching stories:

For people living with hearing loss: in some cases, bone conduction is a solution. Many have shared that AfterShokz headphones are changing their lives.

Some other inspiring stories:

What it looks like out of the box:

Aftershockz Treckz Titanium

Are you curious about it? Let me know! If you have ever tried something similar (or this one) I would love to hear from you as well. If you have any questions, comments or would like to know more, drop me a comment below or find me on Instagram. I’ll be happy to tell you about my experience!

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