Rock’n Chic | Atelier Clause

July 23, 2016

Disclaimer: If you love leather as much as I do, you will be in love with Atelier Clause by the end of this article. 

If you have been following me for some time, you already know that I love wearing leather, and my leather jackets. Atelier Clause accessories have been my obsession ever since I have started wearing them.  IMG_7848

A couple of months ago, I found out about Jérémy and Julien, the designer duo behind Atelier Clause . High end, chic and rock’n roll, the cuffs have been my best accessories ever since. Intemporal and trendy, the high end finishes let me match the cuffs with any casual summer outfit or night dress.


Wearing the ZIGGY SPIKES cuff

Inspired by architecture, the leather pieces feature details, zippers and buttons that add a contemporary touch to any outfit. I get to add a chic touch to my sportswear of a rock’n roll feature to my little black dresses.


Three, six or nine Rhodium buttons. The Jet cuffs are available in a wide range of colors and sizes that you can discover on the website. My personal favorites are the cuffs Jet Six Veau Azur and my Chanel Jet Nine (pictured here).  You can recognize each size by its name : Jet Three, Jet Six and Jet Nine.

detail2Manchette JET-SIX Veau Azur
IMG_7845Manchette Chanel JET-NINE

More than Cuffs

There is no fashion faux-pas with Atelier Clause leather accessories.   Of course, I am a huge animal lover knowing that all of the leather and skins used have been certified by CITES was a relief. Also known as the Washington Convention, the international agreement ensures that the trade of wild animals does not threaten their survival. The brands offers a range of belts, card holders and night pouches (pictured here).

ZIGGY SPIKES cuff (Veal and Lezard)
POLY leather pouch: Lézard ombré
Wide cuff: Janis Rock’nZip lézard ombré cuff


Atelier Clause is now offering my readers (you!) a special discount! Shop the looks on and enter code SB20 at check out for 20% and free shipping until September 1st 2016.

Items featured and prices:

Manchette JET-SIX Veau Azur: 109 
Janis Rock’nZip lézard ombré cuff : 119,00 €

ZIGGY SPIKES cuff (Veal and Lezard) :  74,00 €
POLY leather pouch: Lézard ombré: 349,00 €
Manchette Chanel JET-NINE: 145

To learn more about the brand, visit Atelier Clause website and Instagrammaison-clause-logo-1463508249