September 3, 2016

Hi! I am Sarah. I am an actress, blogger, and architecture student…and I was a professional tennis player. Yeah… I “was”…In  2007, I retired from tennis after a -really bad- car accident. Back then, I experienced a drastic change of lifestyle going from 8 hours a day of training to a hospital bed and physical therapy for three years. Many of you ask me about some gym/training tips so while everyone is busy watching the US Open, here is how I am getting fit again…


Angell Tennis custom racket, Kit Sound Euphoria Earphones , Shock Absorber Ultimate Runner Bra

As you can imagine, this event ended my tennis career. A couple of years ago, I finally accepted my faith and was able to move on. Here I am, in 2016, recovered, playing tennis, running and getting stronger. When I heard about Physiclo I found out the company had designed tights with a built-in resistance technology. I was sold and here is why…


Tennis is an intense sport and requires a high-intensity training. I used to train with resistance bands when I was on tour, as part of my training routine, recovery and injury prevention. I have always loved them. Aesthetically it also gives women leaner and more natural-looking muscles compared to the standard weightlifting training at the gym.


Behind a great product is a great team: Physiclo has been developed by a team of NYU medical students and an Olympian. The perfect match.

Since I changed my training habits my muscles got a more natural looking. I am getting stronger and have never been injured again. As woman, I find resistance band to give me leaner and thiner muscles. As a tennis player I have always found resistance bands to be more “gentle” on muscles and joints, while still reinforcing them them. It’s a win-win situation.


Shock Absorber Ultimate Running Bra – Physiclo TightsTechnology_header_ba0950cc-046d-426f-b297-d931de724267_2048x2048

“When wearing Physiclo, we found 23% greater muscle activity in the hamstrings and quadriceps. “-  Physiclo



  • Physiclo activates key muscles
  • It generates up to ten pounds of extra resistance
  • When wearing Physiclo, it was found 23% greater muscle activity in the hamstrings and quadriceps
  • Athletes wearing Physiclo saw a significant increase in exercise intensity and average heart rate*


“Sore is good” – Physiclo

Althought I am a XS in Nike, the XS in Physiclo was too small for me.  I emailed Frank Yao, Physiclo CEO and quickly got an answer. With my measurements we were able to determinate that I needed a Small. If you are unsure about your size, don’t worry about it: Physiclo offers free shipping, exchanges and returns.


Angell Custom Tennis, Physiclo Tights

Putting the compression tights on is a work-out! They design is made out of 2 layers: an internal one with resistance bands and the external one that you can see here. The pants are heavier than your regular yoga/training pants due to the resistance bands but you don’t actually feel the weight once you have it on. As you can see it I am playing tennis in Miami with Physiclo, I can assure you that they are extremelly breathable.


Shock Absorber Ultimate Running bra + Physiclo Tights

The resistance bands are meant to increase your effort and make you burn more calories. What I really love about it is that I feel the effect right away. As I was playing, my legs were burning as if I had already worked out for hours. I could feel the effort and the work that the resistance bands was doing. For a sport like tennis: it is the absolute workout.


Take a closer look




What can I say? That was a really -really- tough work-out! My muscles are sore, and it feels good. I love Physiclo and will definitely continue using it. This a great solution for all the tennis players looking to get stronger. Game. Set. Match.

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Physiclo New Resistance Tech 

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