August 8, 2016

This brand is creative and fun! This is why I decided to try Mini Mani Moo.

Glossy or Matte: smell delicious

minimanimoo - 2

PHOTO Cookie Dough scented glossy top coat

Glossy or matte nails that smell delicious? I am in! Who likes the smell of fresh paint on your nails anyway? Apply those top coats on your nailpolish, they dry super fast, in 10 seconds ( I timed it).

minimanimoo - 3

Berry Matte-ness Scented Matte top coat


Did you say liquid tape?

If like me you always mess up your nail polish, end up with as many of it on your skin than on your nail…This product is made for you. Just put the liquid tape around your nail, and the area you want to keep polish free. Apply your nail polish and peel off the liquid tape: done! Your manucure is ready and clean.

minimanimoo - 4

Important: The liquid tape contains LATEX. It is not recommended if you are allergic to Latex (Do not ingest!). Here is a video on how to use it:

Mini Mani Moo also sells a ton of other fun products like make up sponges for nail art and nail decals.

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Check out Mini Mani Moo ‘s website for more.

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Moo Baby : Currently on Sale for $14.90
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Cookie Dough scented glossy top coat: $10
Berry Matte-ness Scented Matte top coat: $10
Get the duo for $17.90
Mess no more!® Liquid tape for nails: $13.50