CALORIE-FREE Miracle Noodle | My 3-week Plan

September 7, 2016

I am embarking on a journey…A miracle one apparently. So far, so good. I just found out about Miracle Noodle, which gets rid of 99% of the carbs, a Zero kcal, it’s gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO certified…A dream come true for gluten free dieters, diabetics, and people on weight loss plans. It sounded too good to be true, so I decided to give it a try for you. I will be testing out the product for the next three weeks and will give you weekly updates. In the meantime if you have questions, just send me a comment below or on Instagram, which is the best way to get in touch with me.

Off to my 3week Miracle Plan!

Off to my 3week Miracle Plan!

After doing some research I found out about this Miracle food’s story. Dr Jonathan Carp, the company’s President,  got the idea after a trip to Japan. Since then Miracle Noodle has been featured in numerous reviews and celebrity chefs recipe books.


As a tennis player I used to eat pasta and rice every-single-day. One day I worked on my diet, not trying to lost weight but working on the energy level with my coach, and I decided to cut down the carbs. I quickly realized athletes (especially tennis players) were not making the right choices by eating pasta every day. My energy level raised right away and when I stopped playing, I did not want to hear about pasta anymore.  If you are looking to get fit, and lost those extra pounds, you don’t need to stop eating: just balance your diet and cut down the carbs. There are good carbs out there  I chose the Miracle Rice and Miracle Noodle (organic spaghetti) to create some recipes and keep up with my 3-week Miracle plan. They are gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan…

Yes I cooked it, it was miraculously delicious

Yes I cooked it, it was miraculously delicious


Everyone is talking about Konjac these days as the miracle food to lose weight. This Japanese root can easily be replacing pasta or rice.  I am against Konjac candies and supplements, which are prohibited in many countries because of their secondary effects. The risk level is too high. A good way to benefit from Konjac is eating it in form of food. Dr Jonathan Carp, Miracle Noodle President got the idea after a trip to Japan. Since then, the brand has been incorporated in numerous weight-loss plans.

Important note: To avoid potential interactions, consult your doctor first before adding diet supplements such as konjac root to your routine. You must drink a lot of water as the Konjac root absorbs a lot of water. Make sure to be hydrated at all times. If you have any questions, as always feel free to send a comment below or on Instagram and I will be happy to share some more advice with you.



Miracle Noodle  instructions sent with your order , Nicole Vienna Soir N79 Link Marble watch


The rice or spaghetti don’t actually taste like anything. You should prepare them, think about it as the base of your dish. They also say that it’s time consuming but hey, anything related to cooking is, isn’t it? I found a solution to the preparation and how to spice up your Miracle food. Since I don’t necessarily have the time to cook, marinate and bake anything I found a great alternative to it: I buy what I want to prepare my noodles and rice with, at Whole Foods Market. That way I know I get an all-organic meal and I love Whole Foods prepared food.



Step 1 RINSE it
 Open the bag of rice or spaghetti. When I researched about the product online, people said that it smelled like fish and really bad. Honestly: that’s not true. It doesn’t taste bad at all. There is a smell but it’s not disgusting, it smells like saline water which I think is totally fine. Opening a can of tuna smells stronger than opening a pack of Miracle Rice.

Rinse thoroughly with cold water for about 1 min.

RICE - 1

STEP 2: Boil it

Boil water and pour the rice, let it boil for at least 4minutes.

RICE01 - 1

STEP 3 Mix and match

I got some organic tofu from Whole foods and mixed it with the rice.

STEP 4 COOK it as you wish

After mixing the tofu with the rice I stir-fried it in the pan for about a minute.



Et voilà! Enjoy!

rice - 1 (7)

RECIPE #2 : Sweet Potatoes Miracle Rice

Same Directions as above.

Replace the tofu with organic sweet potatoes. You can get the sides already prepared from Whole Foods.

RICE - 1

It was quick and fun to cook. Keep alternating and eating other dishes. I consider this my 3week detox / 3week Miracle plan to finish the summer and be ready for this new academic year. This is not something you should eat every single day for a year. Just like anything you need to give your body what it needs and of course, we also need carbs. I do eat gluten-free bread and other types of carbs. All I was looking for was an alternative to pasta and rice, as I have had so much of it as a tennis player! I did not feel sleepy at all after eating the meal. I was full and I am already looking at other recipes and ideas for the upcoming weeks…So far so good!!

Girls, ladies, and guys! HEALTH comes first and you do not need to starve yourself to lose weight. Keep eating, enjoy it as much as you can: that is when you will see drastic results. As said above, do not hesitate to reach out, send me a comment below on or social media.

You can also reach out to the brand and learn more about the products on their website. A percentage of all of the profits are donated to charity. Miracle Noodle social media and Instagram handle are a great way to find some cooking inspiration!

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