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May 7, 2016

Do you know what plastic water bottles are doing to our environment, wallets and health?

For the first time today, I created my very own water infusion by adding organic berries and raspberries to this BPA free water bottle. The BPA Free factor is always my number 1 criteria when it comes to non-glass containers and this little one is a stunner.


Drop Bottles, berries and Klasse 14 Volare Rose Gold with Mesh

This water bottle only costs $39.99. It’s really not much when you think of how many plastic bottles you’d buy and how much you are saving the environment. Plastic bottles are harmful to ocean, air and you. 

Have you ever wondered where the ocean takes our trash? See this video:

So why bother? Why still buy water bottles? All you need to contribute to our environment and your health is a glass or BPA free water bottle.

For water infusions, the recipes and possibilities are endless! This turns this sustainable choice into a super creative experience. I am a very visual person so seeing my favorite fruits through the double walled glass is -literally- so refreshing.  The Drop Bottle borosilicate glass allows is to resist freezing or boiling conditions.

Drop Bottles, berries and Klasse 14 Volare Rose Gold with Mesh

Drop Bottles, berries and Klasse 14 Volare Rose Gold with Mesh

Over the past few weeks, I have become addicted to my rose gold accessories. I personally love mixing and matching accessories so the Rose Gold Drop Bottle was an obvious choice to match my Volare Klasse 14 .

The Klasse 14 Volare Rose Gold with Mesh watch is as good as it looks. I love wearing it with casual/sportswear outfits to create a more “edgy and designer” look. Designed and signed by Mario Nobile, the Volare watch is easy to adjust and the rose gold color is vibrant.

“Design is my passion and cannot imaging a day going by without creating something”. Mario Nobile


To shop my look:

Klasse 14 Volare Rose Gold with Mesh watch  by Mario Nobile : $245 (USD)

Rose Gold 500ml water bottle : $39.99 (USD)

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