Shapr: Networking just got a lot easier

September 18, 2017

I am one of those people that has a hard time enjoying networking events and leaving with at least 1 quality contact. I am not good at that, I don’t enjoy being in a room full of people and going up to them to tell them how much I would love to hear about their work, and even worse to just talk about myself.

How can I put this…When I hear the word “networking”, I disappear. I normally attend events for 30/45 minutes, either to show support to the people that invited me and say hi to my friends, colleagues, acquaintances and I leave. Maybe I am what we call an introvert/extrovert. Yes, I know, I am an actress and I am not shy on stage or in front of a camera but I can be very reserved when it comes to meeting new people. Okay, I am very aware that I am writing this on the internet, on a blog and sharing it with all of you…Couldn’t get more public! Don’t be fooled, to me, it’s easier than networking at events. ….Then I discovered Shapr. The app that reinvented networking, for the nerds like you and me.

Home screen

To sign-up, I used my LinkedIn profile. Side note: does anyone find LinkedIn useful? I only signed up because “business people have to be on it”. – back to Shapr: here I am finally putting my Linkedin profile to use and signing up to Shapr . This app is everything I wish Linkedin was!

Sign-up page

Allow notifications and location

After I set up my profile and added my points of interest I got the fun part, seeing my possible matches! I was greeted by Mandy a friendly-looking “Chief Networking Enthusiast” (pic )

Mandy 🙂

Swipe right or left: let’s be clear, this is not a dating app. You swipe right on the professionals you would like to meet, collaborate with, learn from. There are professionals from every industry on the app so the opportunities are endless.

Unlike other sites, you match with a contact when you both swiping right: you know you are both on the same page and interested in networking. You don’t have to go through the awkwardness of messaging, like on LinkedIn (I get some and stopped looking at them after too many automatic sponsored messages).

Fun fact: you can choose your favorite way to meet: “After work or coffee”, done no need to explain why you don’t feel like having a beer to talk about a potential collaboration. No offense, I am just not a beer person. I would rather discuss around coffee than too much familiarity and alcohol involved.

Swipe right 😉

Shapr fits all profiles: whether you are looking for new opportunities, building a start-up or looking for new collaborators. The geek in me is always looking out for new apps and ideas and this one…Got it just right. Try Shapr, swipe right, swipe left but if you run across me swipe right!


Photo: Studio Gimo and Jennifer Moyes
Styling :
Steffen Schraut