Vinyl Mood…Listening Now

January 26, 2017

Vinyls are back and I am obsessed.

Candles, vinyl and aromatic perfumes…I just made my workspace a calming and mesmerising space.

DSC09576 (1)

Listening Now: Set In Stone


I recently discovered the new concept “Set in Stone“. Legendary composers John Metcalfe (Morrissey, The Pretenders, Catatonia, Blur, Peter Gabriel etc) and Simon Richmond (Neneh Cherry, Virgin Records, REM, Pulp, David McAlmont etc) came together to create a record that offers a primitive experience marrying the modern and the classical, the ancient and the technological. They have taken inspiration from Dorset’s ancient stone circles, to create a contemporary classical double album.

The record comes with aromatic perfumes created by LUSH around this project, that correspond to tracks from the album, which is truly a calming and mesmerising experience.


My turntable: The Crosley Nomad

The top of the turntable is removable and the best part of this record player is that it connects to your computer via usb so you can convert your Vinyls into MP3!

Crosley Nomad

Crosley Nomad

Listen to some of the tracks here